Frederik Anderson, a simple office worker in Helios Electric. He was nothing but an engineer assistant, and the last thing he remembered is sipping coffee with his colleagues in the office...

... Before he found himrself in the past, in the middle of a war, with no memory of what happened. He meets two soldiers, who he ends up befriending.

Can he survive in this cruel world and figure out why he's here?

Join Frederik on his time traveling misadventures and find out! Along the way you will witness horrors and pain! Rejoice!

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What is Caged?

Caged is a kinetic visual novel that is being developed in Ren'Py by so far one person. Might eventually have puzzles or minigames. It touches upon sensitive subjects, so proceed with caution if you'd like to follow the development. It also is going very slowly, unfortunately, and the release date is unknown, if there will ever be one.

Related Spin-Offs and Side Projects

Group of spin offs dedicated to Caged's antagonist John Kinsey. Contains heavy spoilers and fanfic material.

Undying: a Professor Layton fanfiction featuring John after events of Caged. Yes, canon; AO3 link
Drowned in Time: an original alternative story that is tied to John, featuring him, his brother, and his fallen comrade; AO3 link.

Dev Progress

Percentage approximate.


Chapter 1 is finished with assets, minus potential puzzles. Chapter 2 is currently being put into the engine.
Rewriting the following chapters' script because it had to be scrapped.