This website is currently being worked on. it will take time. Thank you for your patience.

Hello and welcome. You have found Eden Solstice's little Internet cave. You may look around, but be careful; you never know what you might find.

This website will contain art, stories and other various things. A strange mix of personal and not personal things.
It is also being coded from scratch, using various tutorials and lessons on html and css, so forgive it for being a little wonky here and there.


December 10th 2022
Small update in the About section as well as the index page. I'll slowly change the text of pages around here as the website is no longer... well, undercooked. It's still cooking though. I'll be hard at work improving it!

December 8th 2022
Umm. I accidentally deleted the previous update, it seems, which was a couple of days ago. It's fine :) But a lot of things were changed around here; the navbar, mainly I omitted the whole Arts N Crafts section, added a portfolio section and eyespace, a place where I talk about some character of mine. It's all still a work in progress so things more things will be added eventually, like actual character pages (eyespace is pretty much just the homepage right now). Thanks for sticking around! I hope to make more out of this website :D

June 14th 2022
Favicon and a custom cursor are here! Along with an actual site background and some small css adjustments for the new fonts.

June 11th 2022
Added arts n crafts main menu page. Smaller update today, but I did learn a lot of things from that! A smaller thing: added some cool buttons on the about page. Considering making my own buttons!
Later that day I decided to play around with fonts. At last, no more web-safe fonts, lol. Another small update is clickable header - it now will take the user to the homepage. Because that makes sense.

June 10th 2022
Huge updates to the whole site layout and structure! Yay! I'm slowly but surely figuring out what to do with this whole thing. Next I plan to try to implement fonts that aren't web-safe. Serif family is good but I want something more interesting and custom. I will be on the lookout for good fonts! Another thing I would like to do is a custom favicon, but we'll see about that.

June 5th 2022
This page is almost ready! I only need to figure out what to even put on this site. Hopefully enough brainstorming will help me out here. Today I figured out how to make the content in a box scroll instead of stretch across the whole page. I feel that gives it a much more neat, compact look.
Future plans
Figure out what I want this site to be because I seem to be struggling with that a little bit. Start working on the about page. Perhaps do an actual background image if I can. That is all I can come up with right now.